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Global Postal Shipment Transport Statistics


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  • (V# *** *** *** TJ)
  • (A# *** *** *** TJ)
  • (E# *** *** *** TJ)
  • (L# *** *** *** TJ)
  • (C# *** *** *** TJ)
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Postal Summary
The State Department "Pochtai Tochikiston" was organized in 1996. State Department "Pochtai Tojikiston" functions as a single state structure, consisting of three regional, interregional one enterprise mail service and two metropolitan post office - city and international. Network of post offices of the republic is today 60 municipal and district assemblies and 593 post offices. These companies employ about 1,500 workers, who provide postal services. DG "Pochtai Tochikiston" provides postal services to the population of the Republic of Tajikistan, which include: Receiving, processing and delivery of letter post, parcels and parcels both within the country and international; Admission, transfer and payment of postal money transfers both within the country and international; Receive subscriptions to newspapers and magazines republican, foreign publications, as well as their delivery to the subscribers; Sale of postage stamps, envelopes, and sales of newspapers at retail; Receiving, sending and delivery of items EMS; Other non-traditional services.