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Global Postal Shipment Transport Statistics

Number Rules
  • (R# *** *** *** NP)
  • (V# *** *** *** NP)
  • (A# *** *** *** NP)
  • (E# *** *** *** NP)
  • (L# *** *** *** NP)
  • (C# *** *** *** NP)
Track Condition

Not Support Track

Postal Summary
Nepal General Post Office (GPO) is situated at Sundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal. It provides the following services: Express Mail Service (EMS); Under EMS, International EMS is cheap and reliable;Parcel Service; Post Box Service & its Online Post Box Service; Postal Banking Service; Letter; More services.Our vision: Linking people, their communities and business by providing high quality postal services. And our mission: Ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction through the use of new technology; Becoming operationally excellent and efficient; Anticipating changes and responding proactively; Fulfilling social obligations.