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Global Postal Shipment Transport Statistics

Greenland [DK](Registered,EMS,Parcel)

Number Rules
  • (R# *** *** *** GL)
  • (V# *** *** *** GL)
  • (A# *** *** *** GL)
  • (E# *** *** *** GL)
  • (L# *** *** *** GL)
  • (C# *** *** *** GL)
Track Condition

Not Support Track

Postal Summary
Behind TELE-POST is the TELE Greenland A/S group, wholly owned by the Government of Greenland. TELE Greenland A/S covers a population of 56,000 scattered over thousands of kilometres, providing telecommunications, IT and postal services. Even the smallest village has radio, TV and a telephone link to the outside world, and all settlements with a population of more than 70 have broadband Internet and GSM mobile phone service. TELE Greenland A/S employs approximately 460 staff. The head office is in Nuuk, and we have divisions in every town in Greenland.