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Global Postal Shipment Transport Statistics

Number Rules
  • (R# *** *** *** ET)
  • (V# *** *** *** ET)
  • (A# *** *** *** ET)
  • (E# *** *** *** ET)
  • (L# *** *** *** ET)
  • (C# *** *** *** ET)
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Postal Summary
Ethiopian Postal Service is the company responsible for postal service in Ethiopia. Prior to the admission of Ethiopia to the UPU in 1908, international mail from Ethiopia had to be additionally franked with stamps of UPU members. France operated post offices at Addis Ababa, Harar, and Dire Dawa, using stamps of Obock or the French Somali Coast, and mail is known with a triple franking of Ethiopia, British Somaliland (via the town of Zeila), and Aden.