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Package Status

BY ADMIN 2015-04-28

Package Status:(Not found,Transit,Pick up,Delivered,Alert,Expired)

Not found
We regret to inform you, Your package is not found, General explanation:
1.The carrier hasn’t accepted your package yet.
2.The carrier hasn’t scanned and entered your package tracking information into their system yet.
3.Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid.
4.Your tracking number has expired and removed from carrier’s system.

We are glad to inform you, Your package is in transit, General explanation:
1.Your package has handed over to the carrier.
2.Your package has dispatched or departed from origin country.
3.Your package has arrived in destination country and it’s pending customs inspection.
4.Your package has arrived in destination country and it’s during domestic transportation.
5.Your package is in the other transportation period, For instance, It’s in another country as a transitive state and will be forwarded from there to its final destination country.

Pick up
We are glad to inform you, Your package is ready to pick up, General explanation:
1.Your package has arrived in a local delivery point.
2.Your package is out for delivery.
3.Your package has attempted to delivery but unfortunately failed to be delivered. (Possible reasons for delivery failure: the addressee is absent; incorrect/incomplete address; the addressee requested later delivery; the addressee will collect the item himself/herself; No delivery service for this particular remote or rural area; Etc).

We are glad to inform you, Your package was delivered successfully:
Under most circumstances, the delivery state indicates that the recipient has already received this package, But if the recipient hasn’t received, We’d advise you contact with the package sender or your shipping carrier to clarify more informations. Given the package status was adjudged by our system automatically, Only for information and reference use. In any instance, If our system gave you wrong package status, In order to improve the tracking accuracy, Please don’t hesitate to contact us to feedback.

We regret to inform you, Your package might under unusual conditions during transportation period, General explanation:
1.Your package is being returned to sender due to any of these reasons: Item refused by addressee; Incorrect / illegible / incomplete address; Expired retention period; Addressee moved; Etc.
2.Your package might be retained by customs department due to any of these reasons: Contains prohibited goods, Importation of the goods is restricted, Retained by Customs due to tax payable, Other unspecified reasons.
3.Your package might be damaged or lost during transportation period.

We regret to inform you, Your package has transported for a long period and still not delivered, General explanation:
1.At a certain stage of transport, The carrier has no further tracking information entry for your package.
2.The carrier was omitted the tracking information entry.
3.Your package was missing or might be lost.


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