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Instruction manual

BY ADMIN 2015-05-11

Instruction manual of

NO.1 Track a single Global Postal number

Input your Number: Move your mouse over to “Click here to track worldwide postal carrier shipment ” and click, there will be a input box.

Enter your number and click Track button.

Example code: CP163316004PL (Poland post parcel) (This page is only applicable for postal carrier, E.g, China Post, HK Post, USPS, etc. Other carrier like DHL, Fedex cannot be tracked here!)

NO.2 Track multiple global postal numbers

wedoexpress has supported the most member countries and territories of UPU (Universal Postal Union).

The tracking data will be compiled on an easy-read page and giving you all information we found from the carrier site, such as package Origin/Destination, current status, locations, Etc.
Eg. Numbers: RC910778752CN (China Post), RF261341919SG (Singapore Post), RX352470246CH (Swiss Post), RJ103323780CN (China Post), RI099257424CN (China Post), RE921534549SE (Sweden Post), RS126239691NL (PostNL), RR028577513BR (Brazil Post) EC206537230US (US.Postal Service), RC010071125MY (Malaysia Post) Etc.


Instruction manual

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