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BY ADMIN 2015-12-09 About Us

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Wedo express is committed to develop a complete international logistics system. We can let you easily control the transfer of goods anytime and anywhere. Now it can provide parcel tracking service in dozens of international logistics companies, including some well-known logistic systems, for example, DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, the postal parcel and so on.

Wedo express now has its own warehouse, and the total area is more than 30000 square meters. There are three warehouses in Shenzhen, China: Ailian, Pingdi and China South City. In addition, we have overseas warehouse in America. What is more, we will develop the warehouses in Germany, UK, and Australia in 2014. The total staffs are more than 400, including 50 members from America warehouse.

The website of Wedo express began in March 2014, its average daily page view was more than 50000 in the past five months and it is increasing more and more. In the near future, we will continue to offer more services. We will broaden the service object, constantly optimize the network construction. We will realizing the express product circulation process, the full information of monitoring, tracking, query and resource scheduling work, so that we can ensure the stable improvement of service quality.

Combined with the leading-edge technologies, excellent internet thinking, Wedo express is endeavoring to achieve a full integration of real-time logistics information operation. At present, in order to offer you the services on the raw materials procurement, storage, and generation, we are trying to build a more powerful network about the query system of global logistics, to integrate our unique supply chain system. Finished product storage, transportation, and sales, the whole process can be queried and tracked. Meanwhile, you can instantly control the dynamic of cargo operations. Our high-efficiency sorting system not only can keep the photos, but also upload them to server at the same time. In this way, we can make your real-time query on the Internet and integrate the supply resource from global logistics to achieve a most economical and fastest transport program.

We also can offer products batch publish on these online business platforms, including eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, Wish, TrustPass , Taobao and so on. We can greatly save your time on operating of online stores so that you can improve the operation efficiency. In addition, we can connect your subsequent delivery processes to our supply chain system, and provide you the services on goods storage, shipping. What is more, we can offer you the most economical and reasonable logistics solutions. We will ship your goods worldwide in the most convenient and fast way.

Our vision: Let you control delivery easily at home. We believe that making progress with you is the ultimate goal of Wedo express. We aim at providing you the super service.

Your trust is our power to go on!


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